Europan 15, Productives cities

Location › Champigny-sur-Marne (FR94) · Date › 2019 · Client › Europan 15 · Conceptor › maàpa · Surface › 10km2 · Photo › maàpa

Redevelopment of a motorway wasteland, Special Mention winner.

Faced with the environmental crisis and the need to reconnect mankind with nature, how can we take care of the people who live here and the land that nourishes them? By playing with different timeframes, the project proposes not to build on the motorway wasteland, but to landscape and cultivate it, taking into account the issues raised by sustainable development. The aim remains to create a porous urban park, a public space for mixing and sharing that is modular and reversible. What's more, how can we conserve and highlight natural spaces and undeveloped areas while at the same time densifying and reorganising already urbanised land parcels? With this in mind, and taking into account the palimpsest of the site, we plan to rethink what already exists by clarifying the evolutionary potential of each type of building.