Europan 17, Caring for inhabited mileux

Location › Rennes (FR35) · Date › 2023 · Client › Europan 17 · Conceptor › maàpa · Surface › 2 km2 · Photo › maàpa

Milieux, transformation et soin du Blosne.

The project is rooted in the desire to create links, continuities and porosities between spatial and temporal scales, with a view to co-designing and co-constructing a project that is progressive, healthy and sustainable. The reading and highlighting of the site's resources, im/material values and potential were the basis of a proposal seeking to take care of natural, built and human ecosystems, while working to improve the habitability of the environments or “milieux”. Considering the palimpsest of the site, the approach was to transform by revealing, greening, hybridizing and elevating the existing, in order to consciously metamorphose a "heritage" of great humanity.