House in Anet

Location › Anet · Date › 2022 · Client › Private · Conceptor › maàpa · Surface › 310 m² · Photo › maàpa

The project involves restoring existing buildings constructed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the first of which belonged to a winegrower. In the middle of the last century, the various plots of land were merged and the ensemble was transformed into a holiday home by Jacqueline Maillan (actress, 1923-1992) and Michèle Emer (songwriter, 1906-1984). After carrying out historical and memorial research on the site, as well as a heritage diagnosis, numerous values and potentialities were identified, forming the basis for the future project.

The architectural approach is intended to be humble, seeking an appropriate response in order to preserve the pre-existing atmosphere. At the same time, the project aspires to adapt to the living habits of the new owners, who are also involved in the film industry. The proposal is rooted in the creation of a clearer route through the site, offering living spaces that are better adapted to contemporary uses. So, while finding resonances in the past and trying to respect the memory of the site, the project defends the benefits of restoration, reuse, transformation and hybridisation of the elements present in situ.