Location › Sèvres-Anxaumont (FR86) · Date › 2023 · Client › Private · Conceptor › maàpa · Surface › 450 m² · Photo › maàpa

This project seeks to reveal the different layers of the site being composed of several buildings, built at very different times. The L-shaped project opens onto the garden, while the project serves as a filter to the northern and western roads. The project favours reuse, as well as revealing the spatial generosity of the original interior spaces and the materiality of the buildings. The tectonics are highlighted in an ingenious way according to their position and orientation in order to ensure optimal thermal and acoustic comfort. The partition walls are therefore repointed and left exposed, the north and west walls are insulated from the inside and the south walls are lime plastered. The insulation of the north-west wall will also allow all the networks to be passed through. All the cement facades will be stitched and repointed, or even lime plastered. The organisation of the spaces goes in the same direction. The served spaces are positioned to the north and west, while the serving spaces open onto the garden and the patio. The custom-made furniture runs along the entire north and west wall, contributing to the desired filter. The project seeks to preserve as much as possible the qualities of the existing building, while proposing an extension, which in the same approach as the rest of the project will be in stone masonry to the north and in a light wooden structure to the south in order to be able to open onto the garden and the vegetation.